EdPlace Provide Inclusive Remote Learning

At home learning and revision App, EdPlace provides online accessibility and language tools to support students to revise smart.

286,000 children in the UK have a learning disability, who may require additional support to revise for vital educational exams.

To enhance at-home support and exam preparation, EdPlace provides online assessments, interactive activities, and English, Maths, Science and 11 Plus practice papers that cover the whole curriculum (from Year 1 to GCSE). EdPlace provides resources that are accessible for all students regardless of disabilities, learning difficulties, and language barriers.

Since the launch in May 2020, 51,000 EdPlace students have used the Recite Me assistive toolbar to read and understand over 1 million pages of educational material to assist with remote learning.

51,000 edplace students have used the recite me toolbar

CEO Will Paterson founded EdPlace because of his own experiences at school. As a dyslexic Will faced a lot of challenges and set up EdPlace to ensure students can access relevant resources that are delivered in an engaging format.

Will Paterson, CEO, and founder of Ed Place commented

“I founded EdPlace because I was able to overcome my challenges of dyslexia in a traditional schooling system, principally because I was lucky enough to have amazing parent support. I wanted to use the huge advances in technology to foster this for many, not the lucky few.

Our integration with Recite Me is a great example of this as the toolbar ensures our platform is accessible to all. A seemingly small achievement like getting a score in a subject you thought you didn’t understand can boost confidence and help unlock a student’s huge potential. Thanks to Recite Me, we’re able to provide this experience and help each and every child succeed in their learning.”

The accessibility technology on the EdPlace app provides users with features such as translation into 100+ languages, read aloud, and styling assistance. This includes adjustments to colour, font type, and size.

The assistive technology on EdPlace’s platform gives students and parents access to multiple features designed to support those with SEND needs. The ability to change a website’s styling and enable educational activities to be read aloud supports students with Dyslexia.

Toolbar data shows that students most commonly used the screen reader, followed by styling and translation tools.

Top Recite Me features

For more information on how you can provide students with essential additional online support contact us. You can also check out the wcag accessibility test by Recite Me.

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