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What Does Accessibility Mean To Me?

A Workplace for Everyone

22nd-26th July 2024

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What is Accessibility to Me Week?

Get ready for an inspiring week of empowerment and transformation with Accessibility to Me Week (ATMW), brought to you by Recite Me! This yearly initiative is all about raising the bar for accessibility and inclusion in every aspect of our lives, especially in our workplaces.

When you hear the word “accessibility” in the workplace, what comes to mind? You might think of a colleague who uses a wheelchair navigating office spaces or an employee with visual impairments using assistive technology to interact with computer systems. Accessibility encompasses both of these scenarios and much more. It’s about creating work environments, both physical and digital, that are inclusive and usable by everyone, regardless of their abilities or circumstances.

By recognising differences in what accessibility means to a diverse range of people, together we can make a difference. 

This Year's Theme - A Workplace for Everyone

Our 2024 campaign, “A Workplace for Everyone,” is set to spotlight the crucial role of inclusive recruitment and the creation of truly accessible work environments. Join us as we champion a future where everyone has the opportunity to thrive!

Throughout the week we are highlighting how embracing diverse talent can drive innovation, enhance communication strategies, and strengthen connections with customers, staff, and stakeholders.

During Accessibility to Me Week 2024, we invite you to share your experiences and thoughts on attracting diverse talent, inclusive workplaces and the benefits this has on everyone. 

Register for our Event

Welcome to our inclusive recruitment and workplace focused event, where we delve into the crucial strategies that drive success in today’s dynamic business environment. Join us for an insightful discussion featuring highly renowned guests in the field as we explore three key steps that are vital for any organisation looking to thrive through diversity and inclusion; Attracting Diverse Talent, Creating an Inclusive Workplace and Employee Engagement & Retention. 

Ross Linnett,
CEO and Founder,
Recite Me

Kirst Palmer,
Radical Recruit

Headshot of Rebecca smiling into the camera and the NSPCC logo

Rebecca Woodley,
Resourcing Manager,

Headshot of Jennie smiling into the camera and the Newcastle Building Society logo

Jennie Pitt,
Head of D,E&I,
Newcastle Building Society

Download Your Resources to get Involved

For more information on Accessibility to Me Week and how you can get involved, download our resource pack below and join the conversation on social media using #AccessibilityToMe.

Mock up of the checklist showing the front cover and an inside page that shows part of the checklist

Download Your Inclusive Recruitment Checklist

Inclusive recruitment doesn’t have to be complicated. This checklist breaks down everything you need to know to attract and retain diverse candidates. It covers:

  • The role of language in job descriptions
  • The importance of job ad placement
  • Providing reasonable adjustments
  • How to provide inclusive onboarding