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Yorkshire Ambulance service

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Yorkshire Ambulance service

Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS) is an NHS-operated ambulance service covering the county of Yorkshire in Northern England, providing emergency and urgent care and transport services. Currently, Yorkshire Ambulance Service serves over five million people throughout Yorkshire, employs over 5,000 staff and over 1,200 volunteers who do critical, life-saving work, emergency and urgent care.. As of 2018, Yorkshire Ambulance receives over 2,500 calls per day and operates more than 60 ambulance stations across Yorkshire.

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Our Brief

Given the nature of their work, Yorkshire Ambulance Service often has elderly or disabled visitors accessing their website. Additionally, given the time-sensitive nature of medical emergencies, it was paramount that visitors could access the correct information as quickly and easily as possible. Yorkshire Ambulance Service’s reputation as a positive employer also means that jobs are in high demand. As a result, some of the website’s most visited pages are those involving job vacancies and employment. As one of the largest and most diverse employers in the country, they needed accessibility options that would be suitable for everyone.

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Our Solution

As part of their website update in July 2018, Yorkshire Ambulance Service implemented Recite Me’s software onto their new website. By adding just one simple line of code to their website, Yorkshire Ambulance Service now have the capability of transforming their online content into more accessible, inclusive information at the click of a button. During stressful times when accessing their website, whether it is due to employment or healthrelated needs, the Recite Me functionality combined with Yorkshire Ambulance Service’s advice, will provide a hassle-free and reassuring experience to online visitors.

Client Testimonial

"Our Information Technology department all said that we know enough about web programming that, if we really wanted to, we could have built a version of the Recite Me software. But the fact is, even if we did that, it would take us months and probably wouldn’t be half as good. We knew that we needed to make things accessible and this was a quick and comprehensive way of doing that. That really is the unique selling point of this software. The competitors were okay, but Recite Me is arguably a better product and was quick and easy to install. "

Richard Price, IT Manager at Yorkshire Ambulance Service