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North East Ambulance Service

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North East Ambulance Service

We provide Emergency Services, patient Transport Services and the 111 non-emergency service across the North East to 2.7 million people. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion means it is increasingly important for us to ensure people can access and interact with our website.

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Our Brief

Following the introduction of the Accessible information Standard we explored how we could improve access to services for people with specific communication needs. We wanted to move beyond the mandated requirements and found Recite me was able to give us a range of options to cover people living with disabilities and impairments and people who may have language needs. A growing number of people in the region identify as Black Asian or Minority Ethnic and we have an increasing demand for language support. The introduction of Recite me was an easy process and allowed us to significantly improve how people interact with our organisation and the information on our website.

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Our Solution

We have found the Recite Me tool to be really useful. It has helped us to make our website and information more accessible to people with a wide range of language and communication needs. Recite me has helped us to demonstrate that we are serious about making information and communications accessible and supports us to provide patients and the community with important messages, information and advice about our services, jobs and volunteering opportunities. Something that is increasingly important since the introduction of the Accessible information Standard.

Client Testimonial

"We considered a number of products and found ReciteMe to be the easiest to access and navigate and have the most comprehensive range of support. It provides an easy access tool from a button on our webpage, it provides us with access to a range of options to support people with communication needs without the need to download additional software. Feedback from the patients and the community has been very positive and it has helped us to achieve our vision to provide unmatched quality of care, every time we touch lives. "

Mark Johns, Engagement Manager, North East Ambulance Service