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Meningitis Now

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Meningitis Now

From local support groups to a national charity, Meningitis Now is proud of everything they have achieved in their 30 years history. Meningitis Now was the first meningitis patient group in the world, founders of the meningitis movement and is the only charity dedicated to fighting meningitis in the UK. They have invested over £12.5m in kick-starting the development and introduction of five lifesaving meningitis vaccines and have fought tirelessly to save lives through meningitis awareness campaigns and activity. The charity also offers vital support and help to those who have experienced meningitis, helping them to rebuild their lives.

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Our Brief

Recognising the inequalities that exists in the UK health system and that life-saving vaccine uptake and access to information was poorest in communities where language, cultural and health barriers exist, Meningitis Now wanted to ensure that it provided the widest possible access to the valuable information and support services it provides. Making its website barrier-free, accessible and inclusive is a vital part of this goal.

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Our Solution

Meningitis Now offers Recite Me assistive technology on to their website as a way to improve access to vital and often life-saving information and support to all visitors irrespective of their cultural, social or medical needs.

The Recite Me accessibility and language support toolbar enables every visitor to customise the Meningitis Now website, creating a bespoke and unique web experience that meets their needs and requirements.

The toolbar provides offers a range of support features including text to speech functionality, fully customisable styling tools, reading aids and a translation option with over 100 languages, including 35 text to speech voices and many other features.

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Client Testimonial

"We are deeply aware of the inequalities that exist in our healthcare system in the UK and the fact that lifesaving vaccine uptake is lower in communities where language, economic and cultural differences exist. We believe everyone should be able to access our information and services barrier-free and Recite simply helps us deliver this in a way that is straight forward for the user and, for a charity that doesn’t receive government funding, in a cost-effective manner. "

David Clifford, Digital Marketing Manager at Meningitis Now