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Gateshead Council

Client Case Study
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Gateshead Council

Gateshead is a diverse, multi-cultural town in the NE of England with a population of over 200,000. Gateshead Council’s Website is a portal for all businesses and citizens in and around Gateshead. It provides useful information about all kinds of different areas which are important to businesses and citizens, such as: events, transport, benefits & council tax, education & learning, environment, housing, jobs & employment, leisure & culture.

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Our Brief

Our brief was to help comply with the legal obligations of the website as well as ensure that the information provided on the website is as accessible as possible to a wider range of people.

Recite Me toolbar solution. Audio, styling, reading, translation icons.

Our Solution

With Recite, a link is placed on a website, for example ‘click for accessibility/read text’. Once this option has been selected Recite will automatically translate text to speech, high contrast colour schemes, enlarge words and allow dictionary definitions. The end result is a more accessible website compliant with government regulation.

Client Testimonial

"The product looked modern, fresh and easy to use and had more features than we were hoping for. We were particularly impressed by all the dyslexic features, like plain text view and varying contrast. The purchase and installation of Recite was very easy and straight forward as all that had to be done was to insert a line of code into the council’s website. The team at Recite were a great help as they were always reachable and very helpful with any questions and suggestions. "

Beth Noble, New Media Officer