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Frequently Asked Questions

Explore an in-depth list of all frequently asked questions about Recite Me accessibly assistive technology

General FAQs

Where does the law stand when it comes to ensuring websites are accessible?

UK: The Equality Act 2010 gives disabled people important rights of access to everyday services. Service providers have an obligation to make reasonable adjustments to premises or to the way they provide a service. Under the Act it is unlawful for service providers to treat disabled people less favorably because they are disabled. A website is classified as a service and as such, to comply with the law, you must make reasonable adjustments not to treat a disabled people unfavorably because of something connected with their disability.

USA: In the United States, Section 508 Amendment to the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 requires all Federal agencies' electronic and information technology to be accessible to those with disabilities. The U.S. Department of Justice has also endorsed the WCAG 2.0 AA standard as an appropriate standard for accessibility in multiple settlement agreements.

EU: On 2 December 2015, the European Commission published a proposal for a European Accessibility Act. Once this proposal is adopted, it should lead to common accessibility requirements covering products and services across the EU. Currently, there is no specific EU legislation on accessibility for persons with disabilities and the proposed Accessibility Act has therefore a lot of potential.

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Who needs Recite to access the web?

Recite enhances the user experience of websites for the 15-20% of your customers with dyslexia, visual impairments and literacy issues. In the UK this equates to Recite ensuring the 7 million people with literacy issues, 3.5 million people with dyslexia, and 8.6 million people registered disabled can have an enhanced user experience across the web.

Across the EU this impacts 80 million citizens with disabilities, and the 87 million Europeans aged over 65.

In the US 15-20% of the population has dyslexia, which is why the Bipartisan Congressional Dyslexia Caucus is seeking to implement change at a national level to improve access to information, education, and encourage technological innovation.

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Which disability and dyslexia organizations use Recite?

Recite is trusted by the Dyslexia Foundation and Dyslexia Action, which are amongst the largest dyslexia organizations in the UK. We are also a Go ON Gold partner, which means we are actively supporting the British governments initiative to change the fact that currently 43% of disabled people in the UK have never been online.

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How much does Recite cost?

We work with every customer individually to make sure that we meet their exact requirements. The cost of Recite Me assistive technology for your website will vary depending on the size, complexity, and volume of traffic your site receives. Contact us for a free demo, a trial on your website, and a quote.

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Does Recite read PDF documents?

We have a DocReader which is capable of reading all documents online aloud, including Adobe PDFs.

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Does Recite comply with Cookie Legislation?

We do our best to ensure all reasonable compliance with EU Cookie Laws. None of our cookie data is linked to personal information, and this all falls within the following legislative exemptions:

Some cookies can be exempted from informed consent under certain conditions if they are not used for additional purposes. These cookies include cookies used to keep track of a user’s input when filling online forms or as a shopping cart, also known as session-ID cookies, multimedia player session cookies, and user interface customisation cookies, e.g. language preference cookies to remember the language selected by the user. For further information click on the link to our Cookie Statement.

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Can web visitors save their settings on the Recite Toolbar?

Yes. Users can save their settings so your website appears exactly as they need it every time they visit.

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Will Recite interfere with the user experience for those who don't need it?

No. Recite does not negatively affect the user experience or functionality of any website. Our software simply and effectively ensures the 15-20% of users who need it can have enhanced access to the content of your website. With Recite your website becomes more accessible to millions of people who currently, needlessly miss out on everything you have to offer.

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What Is Assistive Technology?

Assistive technology refers to a product or service that helps improve the lives of individuals with disabilities or impairments allowing them to communicate and learn, giving them the ability to live an independent life.

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Technical FAQs

Does Recite work across all devices, web browsers and operating systems?

Recite works on most modern browsers and requires no specific operating system.

Browser Compatibility:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • IE8+
  • Safari

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Will Recite work with Mac Devices / Apple iOS?

Yes. Our software works on all devices and operating systems, including Apple iOS.

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Where does Recite go on my website?

Recite can be placed anywhere on your website. Our recommendation is that the link to enable Recite is in an easily accessible area of the website. Recite is installed with one simple line of code, with our suite of tools being managed from the cloud for your convenience.

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What will my webmaster / web manager say?

Recite is an all in one SaaS solution that enhances the user experience for the 20% of the population with visual impairments, learning difficulties like dyslexia, and people with English as a second language. Unlike other solutions, there isn’t the need for complicated adjustments to each page it simply fits over the top of the existing website acting as a lens to view the pages.

Recite doesn’t affect the code on your site, we also have a dedicated technical support team that will sort out the whole process for you.

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Can I convert the text to MP3? Can I save the MP3 file?

You can. The content of any website can be converted into an MP3 and downloaded for your convenience, so you can save important information to any device.

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Recite Me is a Cloud based SaaS product. What does this mean?

SaaS stands for Software as a Service, which in a nutshell means that you access and use Recite software online via any internet connection, on any device. You don't have any software to install, or anything to download; you simply pay a monthly fee. Our SaaS approach ensures that our award winning web accessibility solution can be deployed in a cost-effective, scalable, secure and risk-reducing manner. For further information check out our handy understanding SaaS guide.

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Do I need to download anything to enable the Recite Toolbar?

No, Recite is cloud-based, therefore once we send you the line of code it will be enabled on your website.

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How secure is Recite?

The integrity and security of your data is vital to you. We know that, and therefore we continue to ensure we provide secure, robust, reliable systems to safeguard this. The Recite hosting provider facilities are physically secure, authentication of users is highly sophisticated, and the software solution itself provides a high degree of security. Strict measures are in place to monitor and counter denial of service and virus attacks.

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Does Recite work on Android, iOS, Linux, and Windows devices?

Yes. Our software works on all devices and operating systems.

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Tell Me More About Recite

Who founded Recite?

Recite was founded by Ross Linnett, an entrepreneur, who like a number of entrepreneurs, is dyslexic. Ross was diagnosed with dyslexia at university, which resulted in him being given a computer with assistive technology for his studies and later work as students union President. The problem with that is he could only work and access the internet fully on that device. Ross wanted a solution which would enable him, and those with visual impairments, learning difficulties including dyslexia, and people with English as a second language, to access the web on any device. A few years later the idea for Recite was born.

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How long has Recite been going?

Recite began its life as a minimum viable product developed by Arch, which is a web design company that has been running for seven years. Recite was developed further in 2010 with the support of The Difference Engine, a startup accelerator, and a Proof of Concept Fund investment in 2011. Recite received another round of funding in 2012 in order to ensure it could develop further products and expand internationally.

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Who are the investors behind Recite?

Recite has currently raised £400,000 investment which comes from European Regional Development Funds, managed by Northstar Ventures. Steve Nelson, a serial entrepreneur with a string of exits under his belt (Sage Group PLC, Communicator Corp, 4Projects, Sales Cycle, Leighton Group) joined Northstar in the second round of investment and is now a Non-Executive Director on the board. For more information have a read of our History.

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What awards has Recite won?

  • Recite came third at the 2012 SXSW Hatch Pitch competition.
  • We have been cited as one of the most innovative startups in Europe, placing in the top 12 of the EU Tech All Stars Awards in 2012.
  • In 2011 Recite won a Future 100 Award, which celebrates the UK's leading social enterprises.

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