The Importance of Inclusive Recruitment with Paul Smith, from Includability

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We caught up with Paul Smith, Founder of Includability, to discuss the importance of inclusive recruitment. With over 13 years of experience in the industry, Paul is an expert!

Includability is on a mission to provide a platform for employers with a commitment to treating people fairly and to offer job seekers a fully accessible application process. As part of their mission to offer applicants an inclusive candidate journey Includability have implemented the Recite Me Assistive Toolbar on their website. This provides applicants with a variety of tools to customise their online experience to choose how they navigate the website and how they consume the content.

Why is Inclusive Recruitment Important?

“It is not just important, it’s vital for every business. Companies that do have an inclusive recruitment process will almost certainly create an environment with happier employees, the teams they build will be stronger and there is a good possibility that they will gain an advantage on their competitors. A fully inclusive recruitment process enables an organisation to widen the gate when it comes to attracting job seekers – that is why Includability is raising expectation and accountability where the only thing that matters is someone’s ability to do the job. There are many things that companies should consider, including: Website accessibility, diverse interview panels, educating employees and staff in management roles, robust communication across the business, regularly reviewing all recruitment processes and engaging with external consultants to seek continual improvement.”

How does the Recite Me Assistive Toolbar make a Difference?

“All too often, companies who are trying to build an inclusive process simply fall at the first hurdle because their job advert and website is inaccessible. By partnering with Recite Me, we know that every person visiting our site can make the necessary adjustments that best suit their individual needs. Understanding where those pitfalls are and putting a strategy in place to remove them, organisations like Includability will benefit by attracting the best candidate for the role, not simply the best candidate who was able to apply for the position. Recite Me enables us to do just that.”

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With modern recruitment processes relying so heavily on digital technology there is no better time to find out more about inclusive online recruitment.

Web accessibility technology helps you to support a diverse range of applicants. The features of our accessibility toolbar can either be used individually or combined to make multiple adjustments for ultimate ease of use. Users can personalise font size, type and colour, use the ruler, convert the page content into over 100 different languages and much more.

If you would like to speak to one of the team about booking a demonstration of our assistive toolbar or would like any further information, please contact us, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Visit to find out more about a new standard of job board, how they support job seekers and how to become an Includability Employer through a 5-star verification process which increases employer accountability.

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