North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority 

The NJTPA is the federally authorized Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for 7 million people in the 13-county northern New Jersey region. The region has 384 of the state’s 564 municipalities.

Each year, the NJTPA oversees more than $3 billion in transportation improvement projects and provides a forum for interagency cooperation and public input. It also sponsors and conducts studies, assists county planning agencies, and monitors compliance with national air quality goals.

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Our Brief

About 9.8% of the people living in the NJTPA region have a disability and can often face barriers like inaccessible websites. This prevents some from being able to access information about projects and programs that may affect them or their community.

In addition, nearly 14% of individuals in the region have limited English proficiency. With a diverse population, NJTPA wanted to improve access for residents, so they could read and understand online information with ease. 

Our Solution

By implementing the Recite Me assistive toolbar across its platform, the North Jersey Transportation Authority can provide screen reading options, styling and customization tools, reading aids, and an online translator in over 130 languages, including 65 text-to-speech voices.

To launch the tools on the NJTPA and Street Smart NJ websites, you can simply navigate to the ‘Accessibility and Language icon ’ button on the top right of the pages. 

NJTPA’s accessibility support doesn’t stop there. For all interested members of the public looking to participate in their projects and programs, accommodations for individuals with physical disabilities and those with limited English proficiency are available. 

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Desktop with screenshot of website using the Recite Me toolbar.
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