Dunelm Careers Close the Disability Employment Gap

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Dunelm Careers provides a digitally inclusive employment journey with the support of accessibility and language tools online.

Dunelm is the UK’s number one homeware retailer, that provides over 50,000 products to over 5 million visitors online and in-store a week.

To fulfil Dunelm’s commitment to value each customer and employee, building helpful and committed relationships, Dunelm Careers has implemented Recite Me assistive technology online to provide equal opportunity to Dunelm job vacancies.

14.1 million people in the UK have a disability that prevents ease of access to our digital world. With the introduction of assistive technology on the Dunelm Careers website those who are visually impaired, neurodiverse, or who speak English as a second language can apply and search for job opportunities barrier-free.

Paul Jenkins, at Dunelm Careers, commented, “Consideration to an inclusive recruitment process was delivered through removing barriers to ensure opportunities are fully accessible to all.

“Recite Me was engaged to provide a complete web-accessible site that could be customised for users’ needs to engage and interact with the Dunelm brand and for Dunelm to reach a wider audience.”

The accessibility and language toolbar on the Dunelm Careers website provides online visitors with a customisable experience. Features include screen reading functionality, multiple reading aids, an on-demand live translation feature that boasts over 100 languages and 35 texts to speech and styling options.

Over the past 12 months, Dunelm has supported 2,449 unique users online to explore and apply for jobs barrier-free. Toolbar data shows that:

  • On average users viewed 4.4 pages on the Dunelm careers website, the average internet journey depth s 2.8 pages

  • The most popular feature is the screen reader, 529 translations have been made to Polish, Chinese, Spanish and Panjabi.

  • Reading aids were used 643 times, and 1,783 styling changes were made with 25 people changing the font colour to yellow and 38 people changing the background to black.

Diversity and inclusion strategies are at the forefront of many organisations in 2021, to ensure equal opportunities, a diverse talent pool, and closure of the disability employment gap.

To access Recite Me unique and supportive features on Dunelm Careers website click ‘Accessibility Tools’ at the top of their website.

Recite Me is quick and easy to implement on your website. Join the thousands of recruitment businesses that have created a diverse and inclusive talent pool. For more information go to Recite Me or contact a member of our team.

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