Construction Accessibility

The industry of construction, engineering, and manufacturing is moving forward with inclusion for all. To support a diverse range of website visitors who are looking for employment, project updates, or company information accessibility support is needed.

The Construction Sector Needs to Be Digitally Inclusive to Support Website Visitors

A recent article by Forbes Magazine identified customer demand for personalization as one of the key trends driving the industrial sector. Great products and services are no longer enough.

Nearly one in five people have some form of disability that could affect their capacity to access information online. 70% of people with access needs leave a website they find difficult to use. Making construction websites accessible is an excellent way to attract customers.

Why you Should Provide Online Support in the Construction Sector

Increased Revenue
1 in every 5 people has a physical, visual, auditory, cognitive, or neurological disability. So if your website isn’t accessible, you’re missing out on 20% of the market share.
Employer of Choice
Being inclusive sets you apart as an employer of choice. Higher staff satisfaction scores and reduced turnover rates will increase the pool of candidates who want to interview, work, and stay with you.
Enhanced Brand Image
Welcoming people with varied disabilities and access needs promotes your commitment to inclusion and sets you apart from the competition.

Let us show you how easy it can be.

Thousands of construction web pages made accessible through the use of assistive technology

It is now more important than ever that everyone can understand online information, and we’re happy to see that many construction firms are embracing assistive technology as a way of providing more inclusive customer journeys and recruitment processes. 

Whether it’s changing the way your website looks, what language it’s in, or using a different method of navigation, Recite Me can help make your construction website accessible to everyone.

This is the total number of users who launched the Recite Me toolbar on construction websites.
This is the total number of pages viewed using the Recite Me toolbar.
Higher than the industry average pages viewed per session.
Download our Online Accessibility Guide for Construction Organizations

Download our accessibility guide for construction companies which looks at why digital barriers are a problem, who needs support, the importance of inclusive online experience, Recite Me clients, and an overview of our data.


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