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If your website is not accessible you are excluding a vast number of potential customers.

The Role of Web Accessibility in Marketing

Websites should be easy to read and navigate by everyone, yet users with a disability or those who speak English as a second language often encounter access barriers online. 

The Click Away Pound report found 86% of users with access needs would spend more if there were fewer online barriers and 69% of disabled people with access needs click away from a website with barriers. This means if your website is not accessible you are missing out on potential customers.

Why Should Digital Inclusion be a Priority for Marketers?

Reach a Wider Audience
You may be missing out on 20% of the market if your website is not accessible to everyone.
SEO Factors
Many of the recommended best practices for improved accessibility are heavily weighted on search engine algorithms.
Improved Brand Reputation
Companies that actively promote inclusivity will gain a more positive brand identity.
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Online Accessibility Guide for Marketers
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Learn about the types of barriers users face online and how you can overcome these to unlock the business benefits of being inclusive. Download our guide to kickstart your journey towards digital inclusion.

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