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Website accessibility and compliance made simple. Create a website that is built with accessibility in mind and to WCAG industry standards, with the help of the Recite Me Accessibility Checker. 

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Let's create a website that is accessible to everyone!

We all know that our websites need to be built to an accessible standard. But where do you start on this journey, how do you make our websites accessible, how do we make them compliant?

The world of accessibility and making your website compliant with a law or standard can be a confusing and daunting subject for many. The Recite Me Accessibility Checker is changing the way we address WCAG issues on our websites. The key is to simplify the process and tasks while supporting you with expert knowledge. Together you’ll become an accessibility hero in no time!

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We need to make sure that our websites are accessible to the widest possible audience. To do this they need to be built to a standard that will help everyone.

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Online accessibility is a journey, not a destination. Recite Me is here to help you every step of the way to provide an inclusive and compliant website. We save you time and money by highlighting what needs fixing first for the biggest ROI. Take your accessibility journey further and faster with Recite Me!

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What is the risk of an inaccessible website?

Online accessibility is as much about building a compliant website as it is providing a friction-free user experience. 

How your website is built against accepted industry standards (WCAG) has a real-world impact, such as… 

Don’t accept this risk, Recite Me is here to remove the fear and complexity from your journey towards web accessibility compliance

Accessibility Checker FAQs

The Recite Me Checker offers a versatile solution for conducting website compliance tests across a broad spectrum of areas. These encompass accessibility evaluations related to aspects such as colour contrast, readability, font size, headings, titles, image alt text, website navigation, and beyond. This tool provides a comprehensive report that outlines the specific alterations required and provides clear guidance on their implementation. Additionally, it assigns an accessibility score to your website following each scan, enabling you to focus on improving its accessibility over time.
Achieving WCAG compliance for your website holds significant importance for several reasons. It serves as a safeguard against potential legal issues, ensuring your compliance with both local and international regulations, thus reducing the risk of facing lawsuits. Additionally, our WCAG compliance checker offers numerous indirect and secondary advantages. Enhancing the accessibility of your website is crucial because it expands your potential user base, ultimately leading to increased revenue and an enhanced brand reputation. This improvement in user experience plays a pivotal role in bolstering your brand’s image.
Our accessibility tool evaluates websites based on four primary standards outlined in the WCAG guidelines:
  • Perceivable
  • Operable
  • Understandable
  • Robust
Perceivable – This standard focuses on making content understandable to all users. It involves providing text alternatives for images and non-text multimedia. Our accessibility checker also aids in enhancing visibility with the use of colour contrast checking. Operable – Operability is about ensuring that users can easily navigate and interact with the website. Our accessibility analyser identifies issues related to keyboard navigation, content discoverability, and potential triggers for negative physical reactions such as seizures. Understandable – This standard emphasises the website’s readability and user-friendliness. We assess the presence of descriptive labels, clarity in language content, and the consistent behaviour of website features. Robust – Robustness aims to maximize compatibility with various assistive tools. Our web page accessibility analyser evaluates how effectively assistive technologies can interpret and interact with the website’s content. It ensures that specific markup and code adhere to accessibility standards.
Our website accessibility checker not only identifies accessibility issues, but also provides a clear roadmap to address them. This roadmap simplifies the process of enhancing your website’s accessibility. Our suggested fixes are straightforward to implement, guiding you on the most impactful improvements in terms of both effort and time. Furthermore, our checker offers the option to download an accessibility report. This report allows you to track your progress towards creating a fully inclusive website. It’s easily shareable and can be conveniently emailed to yourself or your team members directly from the accessibility scanner.
The Recite Me checker conducts comprehensive audits of both back-end and front-end web development procedures, employing 396 distinct compliance scans aligned with WCAG 2.2 standards. The Checker will scan and analyse your website on a range of WCAG success criteria, including the following focus area:
  • Site performance overview
  • Accessibility scoring
  • Findings per rating
  • Error breakdown
The scan report includes an overview of errors, the locations of errors, and a comprehensive list of actionable errors to fix and check.
Using our checker to enhance your website’s accessibility offers three primary advantages, these include:
  • Revenue
  • User Experience
  • Compliance & Legalities
Individuals with disabilities constitute a substantial portion of the overall population. Consequently, neglecting this demographic often results in businesses missing out on a considerable portion of their potential revenue. Furthermore, ensuring that your website is accessible to all consumers is not only ethically sound but also crucial for enhancing user experience. Promoting universal access should be a core principle if you aim to enhance your brand’s reputation. This perspective is gaining global recognition, with several jurisdictions now enacting laws mandating improved accessibility for users with specific disabilities. To delve deeper into the advantages of web accessibility, you can explore our article on the significance of web accessibility.
Recite Me created the checker with a focus on user-friendliness. Instead of merely identifying problems, the analyser offers clear, detailed instructions for implementing solutions. It’s use does not require extensive web development expertise; the accessibility fixes are designed to be straightforward and easy to apply. After making the updates, you can perform another website scan to assess your updated WCAG compliance score.

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