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The charity sector is well known for supporting some of the most vulnerable members of our society. So it makes sense that many charities and not-for-profit organisations are taking the lead in tackling web accessibility to champion their causes as efficiently as possible.

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Charities Can Reach More People by Making Their Website Inclusive

In recent times especially, many people have struggled financially as a result of COVID-19. 51% of high end donors would prefer to give online.

So attracting a wider audience by making websites accessible to everyone is an excellent way for organisations in the charity sector to be more visible, help more people, recruit more sponsors, and attract donors.

Why you Should Provide Equal Access to Online Information on Charity Websites

Raise Awareness
The more an organisation does to provide access to information, the more people it can reach. A wider audience creates more awareness about the charity and its goals.
Get More Donations
Charities rely on websites to communicate their values and attract supporters and donors. 1 in 5 people encounter access barriers online, so an accessible website can make a huge difference.
Stay True to Charity Values
Excluding people online doesn’t sit well in a sector where the general ethos is geared towards equality and inclusion for all.

Let us show you how easy it can be.

Millions of charity webpages made accessible through the use of assistive technology

Recite Me is already helping to make a positive change by providing our website assistive technology to charities across the world.

Whether it’s changing the way the website looks, what language it’s in, or using a different method of navigation, Recite Me can help make your charity website accessible to everyone.

This is the total number of users who launched the Recite Me toolbar on charity websites.
This is the total number of pages viewed using the Recite Me toolbar.
Higher than the industry average pages viewed per session.
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Download our Online Inclusion Guide for Charities

Download our Charity Online Accessibility Guide to find out the benefits of an inclusive charity website, organisations we already support, and our charity data from the past year.


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