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All healthcare organizations need to be able to offer support online for people who may be disabled, visually impaired, speak English as a second language, or are of old age. Assistive technology will support website visitors to customize a website in a way that works best for them.

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Provide Support Online to Ensure Everyone has Access to Vital Healthcare Information

People go online for several healthcare-related reasons. Google receives over 1 billion health-related questions daily, including finding a doctor and researching symptoms.

By very nature, individuals with disabilities need more regular checkups, treatment, and assistance from health organizations. That’s why healthcare providers must make the information on their websites accessible. Otherwise, disabled people face further barriers and risk receiving an unequal standard of care.

Why you Should Provide Equal Access to Online Information on Healthcare Websites

Equality of Service
No one should feel like they are jumping through hoops to access healthcare. Web accessibility is vital for healthcare organizations to provide an equal standard of care.
Support the Vulnerable
The aging population and those with disabilities need more regular checkups, treatment, and assistance from healthcare organizations.
Employer of Choice
Being inclusive sets you apart as an employer of choice. Higher staff satisfaction scores and reduced turnover rates will increase the pool of candidates who want to interview, work, and stay with you.

Let us show you how easy it can be.

Millions of healthcare web pages are made accessible through the use of assistive technology

By choosing not to make websites accessible, healthcare providers are creating access barriers for many people who need help the most.

Whether it’s changing the way your website looks, what language it’s in, or using a different method of navigation, Recite Me can help make your healthcare website accessible to everyone.

This is the total number of users who launched the Recite Me toolbar on healthcare websites.
This is the total number of pages viewed using the Recite Me toolbar.
Higher than the industry average pages viewed per session.
Web Accessibility Guide for the Healthcare Sector

Find out who needs help accessing healthcare online, global statistics on disabilities, web accessibility guidelines, and some case studies on healthcare organizations that are leading the way.


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