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An accessibility statement is a crucial element for organizations to show their legal commitment to equity and inclusion online.

What is an Accessibility Statement?

A website accessibility statement is a concise declaration outlining an organization’s commitment to ensuring equal access and usability for all users, regardless of disabilities.

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What's Included in an Accessibility Statement?

An accessibility statement includes evidence of how your website aims to ensure equal access for all users and outlines efforts to make digital content and services usable by people with diverse disabilities in line with WCAG and the ADA.

  • Introduction and Purpose
  • Measures to Support Accessibility
  • Conformance Status
  • Accessibility Efforts
  • Reporting Accessibility Issues
  • Third-party Content and Functionality
  • Technical Specifications
  • Accessibility Commitment 

Why include an Accessibility Statement on your Website?

Including an accessibility statement on your website is essential to demonstrate your commitment to inclusivity and accessibility.

Accessibility Dedication
Show your organization’s dedication to accessibility.
Legal Requirement
Ensure compliance with legislation requirements.
Equal Access
Providing great user experiences for users around the world.