Providing an Inclusive Digital Experience for Students at Foothills Academy

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Yesterday marked Global Accessibility Awareness Day, a day to get everyone thinking, talking, and learning about digital inclusion. This is an important day in the Recite Me calendar and we spent the entire week shining a spotlight on digital accessibility and inclusion. We caught up with Alex Bosomworth, Communications and Marketing Manager at Foothills Academy to discuss the importance of digital inclusion for students.

What is Foothills Academy’s mission and what support/programs do you provide for children and youth? 

The mission of Foothills Academy is to facilitate learning in persons, primarily youth and children, identified as having a Learning Disability by providing quality educational programs and a supportive environment for families and staff. We recognize that we are interdependent with our global community – by participating in research, public education, in-service, and advocacy, through community service. 

Programs we provide include: school program, and community services which houses Psychology Services, Read/Write, Amicus Camps and Recreation, Professional Development, and Community Education. 

What are you doing across your digital landscape to be inclusive? 

Across our digital landscape, we are inclusive through our easy-to-navigate website, our built-in search engine and our Recite Me features.

How has Recite Me helped Foothills Academy to provide an inclusive digital experience for your students?

Individuals are no longer limited to how they can access and process our information – we have ensured that the content is easy to process for anyone. One size does not fit all, so neither should their experience when visiting the Foothills website. Recite Me has enabled folks to access information in the best way that works for them.

Why is digital inclusion important?

Digital inclusion is important – as I mentioned earlier, one size does not fit all, so why should their experience be limited to one way to process information? We want everyone to feel that they are valued and that we recognize those differences, even in something as small as their website experience with us. 

What does the future look like for Foothills Academy?

The future with Foothills Academy will continue to be inclusive and welcoming; we will continue to be a wrap-around service for individuals with Learning Disabilities/ADHD and their families. We will continue to find understanding, build confidence and maximize potential. 

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