Empowering Independent Living: The disAbility Resource Center Leads the Way

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Wednesday, July 26th is the 33rd anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)! This is an annual celebration of an important civil rights law that works to ensure all people with disabilities have the same rights and opportunities as everyone else. We caught up with Debra Fults, Executive Director at the disAbility Resource Center to discuss the importance of protecting and advocating for the civil and legal rights of individuals with disabilities. 

What does the disAbility Resource Center work to achieve, and what support/programs do you provide for individuals with disabilities?

Our ongoing mission of work is to assist people with disabilities to achieve the highest potential and benefit of independent living by providing them, those who support them, and the community with information, education, and resources. Individuals with disabilities can come to the disAbility Resource Center (dRC) and receive support from one of our Community Integration Specialists. They can provide information and resources on Independent Living Skills, Peer Mentoring, Advocacy, Information & referral, and Transition Services.

How is the dRC providing an inclusive experience for all?

Simply due to the nature of our mission of work, we are a very inclusive organization and stress the importance of self-advocacy for the consumers we serve. And a lot of our services are for family members of the consumers who, for the most part, normally do not have a documented disability. Our programs and services are designed for a variety of people of all ages, races, gender, etc.  

What does the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) mean for the disAbility Resource Center?

The Americans with Disabilities Act became the foundation to build upon for Centers for Independent Living (CIL) across the country and enhanced and protected the future rights of people with disabilities. Using the ADA as a tool for navigating through legislative issues, community concerns, legal/compliance issues, employment training, transportation pitfalls, and consumer rights, has become standard practice for CILs across the country, especially the disAbility Resource Center.   

How does Recite Me play a role in your mission?

An accessible and functioning website is vitally important to the success of any business. It is especially important for people with disabilities to have a website that they can access and use. But what if you are vision or hearing impaired?  That’s where Recite Me has really been a game changer for dRC’s website. Adding Recite Me’s incredible software to our website so those who are blind can hear the transcriber and those who are hearing impaired can hear the text read, has significantly increased our information and services to the community. Recite Me is a wonderful tool for any website!  

What does the future look like for the disAbility Resource Center?

The disAbility Resource Center’s future is very bright. With a strong board of directors, trained and capable staff, and unwavering leadership, dRC will continue to thrive and strive for excellence in serving those with disabilities. As the needs increase, dRC will be here to provide the programs and services that people with disabilities and their families need, so that a high quality of life is maintained for the consumer. 

To learn more about the Recite Me accessibility toolbar and how it can help you create an inclusive digital experience, please contact the team or book a demo. You can also check out our ADA accessibility checker today for free.

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