EdAdvance is one of Connecticut’s six Regional Educational Service Centers (RESCs). Their mission as the RESC in western Connecticut is to promote the success of school districts and their communities.

Collaboratively with them, EdAdvance provides educational and related services. A continuing commitment to quality and excellence is our standard of performance. 

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Our Brief

To achieve its mission, EdAdvance is committed to the “Three Cs”: Connection, Culture, and Customization. The majority of people now receive information digitally whether that’s a cell phone, computer, lobby screens, or other forms of smart devices like “Alexa” and Siri.  Successfully communicating requires making sure information is available where people are and in ways, they can access. 

At EdAdvance, they work with people of a wide range of ages, and abilities, and who may speak different languages, making digital inclusion and accessibility particularly important. 

Our Solution

To provide inclusive education, EdAdvance implemented Recite Me Toolbar on their website to provide accessible resources to all learners, regardless of disabilities, learning difficulties, and language barriers. 

Recite Me assistive technology includes screen reading functionality, multiple reading aids, customizable styling options, and an on-demand live translation feature that boasts over 100 languages, 65 of which can be read aloud.

Laptop with screenshot of EdAdvance website
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Laptop with screenshot of EdAdvance website
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