Bristol Airport See Over 16,000 Launches of the Recite Me Toolbar

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Bristol Airport Sign outside the airport
Mock-up of the Recite Me toolbar being used on the Bristol Airport website

In 2023, the Recite Me assistive toolbar was launched over 16,000 times on the Bristol Aiport website, to help travellers read and understand over 82,000 pages of content in a way that best suits their individual needs. 

Bristol Airport started working with Recite Me accessibility and language tools in 2019 to ensure the 9.5 million passengers who pass through Bristol Airport each year are provided with a barrier-free travel experience, which extends across its digital platform.

By supporting travellers when navigating the Bristol Airport website, visitors can stay up to date with flight and facility information with ease. Making use of Recite Me’s screen reader, multiple reading aids and the on-demand translation tool with over 100 languages.

In 2022, 31.2 million people visited the UK from overseas and this number is forecast to continue to grow in 2024. Many of them do not speak English as their first language and therefore require translation tools to understand their flight information.

Lots of people need digital accessibility adjustments. Whether it’s a temporary need due to an accident or injury, a long-term requirement caused by a lifelong condition, or simply English is not your first language, many individuals struggle to access information on the internet the same way as others.


Martyn Collings, Ground Handling Performance and Contracts Manager at Bristol Airport told us why they decided to implement the Recite Me toolbar on its website. 

“The Recite Me toolbar enables access to our website content to a broader range of our customers to better support customers’ journeys, providing information on our wide range of services spanning 120 destinations and key information about our facilities.” 

In 2023, the Bristol Aiport website had over 16,000 Recite Me toolbars launched to support a customer’s experience on their website. The most popular tool is the screen reader with languages such as Russian, Polish and French being read aloud. 

Over 5,000 websites currently use Recite Me technology, this includes Gatwick Airport, Brisbane Airport and Orlando International Airport. 

To learn our top tips for being accessible in the travel and transport industry, make sure to download our guide or to get started with Recite Me contact a member of our team today.

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