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The travel and tourism industry is one of the largest economic sectors worldwide. Many Americans set aside 5-10% of their net annual salary for leisure travel, and a significant percentage of tourism transactions are performed online. To be inclusive, travel and tourism organizations need to be accessible online.

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Travel and Tourism Organizations Must Provide Customers with Support Online

Approximately one billion people globally have a disability and they can often face access barriers when visiting websites. 

Website accessibility barriers exclude millions of people from finding the information they need to visit your business and buy your products and services. So if your company isn’t walking the walk when it comes to online inclusion, you’re missing out on some serious consumer spending.

Why you Should Provide Online Support in the Travel and Tourism Sector

Overcome Language Barriers
On-page translation and text-to-speech options make websites accessible for tourists who don’t speak or read in English as a first language.
Increased Revenue
1 in 5 people encounter access barriers online, so an accessible website can make a huge difference. People could be visiting other cities and towns, attending events at other parks, arenas, theaters, restaurants, and museums over yours because the information on their websites is easier to read.
Enhanced Brand Image
Welcoming people with varied disabilities and access needs promotes your commitment to inclusion and sets you apart from the competition.

Let us show you how easy it can be.

Thousands of travel and tourism web pages made accessible through the use of assistive technology

Most travel and tourism organizations have already made their premises accessible to those with physical disabilities and now we are seeing more organizations striving for true inclusion by also considering the accessibility of their digital landscape and those with hidden disabilities.

This is the total number of users who launched the Recite Me toolbar on leisure and entertainment websites.
This is the total number of pages viewed using the Recite Me toolbar.
Higher than the industry average pages viewed per session.
Leisure and Entertainment Accessibility Guide
Download our Leisure Accessibility Guide

Find out why digital barriers are a problem for leisure organizations, who need support online, the importance of providing support online, an overview of our data from the past year, and our top tips for an inclusive website.


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