Workshop: How to Make Your Website Accessible and Compliant

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Over 1 billion people worldwide have disabilities and this can make accessing content online very difficult. If your website isn’t accessible, you risk excluding this group of people. 

But where do you start on this journey? To guide you through the world of accessibility and provide you with actionable steps, watch our “On-Demand Accessibility Workshop” to learn how to make your website accessible and compliant with standards and laws.

Check out a breakdown of what we cover in the workshop below.

00:000 – Introduction 

05:05 – What is Website Accessibility?

08:41 – How do you build an Accessible Website?

15:05 – Let’s Talk Compliance

17:30 – What is WCAG? 

25:49 – Recite Me Accessibility Scanner 

54:31 – How can Marketing Help?

Start Your Web Accessibility Compliance Journey Today

Online accessibility is a journey, not a destination. Recite Me is here to help you every step of the way to provide an inclusive and compliant website. We save you time and money by highlighting what needs fixing first for the most effective results and the most significant return on investment. 

Get to work on your online inclusion strategy today by running a free check of your website for WCAG 2.1AA compliance.

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