Webinar: Supporting Disabled and International Visitors on Your Airport Website

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On-Demand Webinar

Join us for an insightful webinar where we will dive into strategies to support disabled, international and elderly travelers visiting your airport website to ensure no one is excluded from your online communications.

We will be showcasing the work of some of our amazing clients across the travel and transportation sector and the actions they are taking to ensure equal online access for their website visitors.

While most airports have made efforts to accommodate individuals with physical disabilities at their physical locations, the digital landscape still presents challenges for many. Yet, digital platforms serve as the gateway to travel for millions, so it’s vital to ensure that these avenues are open to everyone, regardless of ability or background.

Download Your Copy: Guide to an Inclusive Airport Website

Do you want to get started right away making a difference to the digital landscape of your airport website? Download our inclusion guide tailored to the travel and transportation sector. Learn about why website accessibility is important to airports and travel organizations, who needs support online, the type of access barriers users face and our top tips for an inclusive airport website.

Travel and Transport Accessibility Guide

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