New Orleans & Company Supports Visitors Online with Assistive Technology

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New Orleans & Company implemented the Recite Me toolbar in 2023 to provide a more inclusive and accessible destination for all visitors to New Orleans. As the official destination sales and marketing organization for New Orleans’ tourism, they are committed to ensuring New Orleans remains the most remarkable, unique, and welcoming city in the world, not only to live and work in but also to visit.

Since adding Recite Me, New Orleans has seen an increase in website visitors using the range of assistive tools available. This includes screen reading functionality, multiple reading aids, customizable styling tools, and an on-demand live translation tool.

In 2023, the Recite Me toolbar was launched over 3,900 times on the New Orleans & Company website to help visitors read and understand over 13,000 pages of content in a way that best suits their individual needs.

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With tourists visiting from around the world, New Orleans & Company is there at every step of the way to provide the most helpful information and resources. From exuberant music and delicious food to beautiful architecture, there is no shortage of things to do and see in the Crescent City.

In the last year, the Recite Me translation tool was clicked 122,338 times to translate content. Over 56,000 clicks were made to change the language to French.


Greg Johnston, Interactive Content Manager at New Orleans & Company commented,

“We wanted a lightweight, effective way to provide accessibility options for our visitors on It’s important to us that every visitor to our site has the same access to information as everyone else, regardless of any physical limitations they may have. On top of that, with the many international visitors to our city, we needed an effective way to instantly translate our pages into the primary language of anyone who may be visiting. The Recite Me Toolbar has helped us achieve these things.”

Lots of people need digital accessibility adjustments. Whether it’s a temporary need due to an accident or injury, a long-term requirement caused by a lifelong condition, or simply English is not your first language, many individuals struggle to access information on the internet the same way as others. 

Over 5,000 websites currently use Recite Me assistive technology, which includes travel and tourism organizations such as Cayuga County Office of Tourism, Visit Clarksville, and Levitt Pavilion.   

For more information on Recite Me technology, contact a member of our team or book a free demonstration today. 

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