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Trumpet Behavioral Health

Client Case Study
The Trumpet Behavioral Health website with the Recite Me toolbar launched

Trumpet Behavioral Health

Trumpet Behavioral Health was founded in 2009 to serve children and adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other developmental disabilities using the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Working with parents, educators, and healthcare professionals, Trumpet Behavioral Health provides treatment for children and adults with ASD and developmental disabilities to help them achieve the highest possible level of functionality and well-being.

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Our Brief

Trumpet Behavioral Health provides treatment and support to a diverse population with varying abilities. To ensure their online information and services were accessible, inclusive, and customizable for everyone, they sought a solution that would allow all web users to access the information and services offered through their website without barriers.

Recite Me toolbar solution. Audio, styling, reading, translation icons.

Our Solution

Trumpet Behavioral Health implemented Recite Me online accessibility and language support tools. The Recite Me assistive toolbar enables all website visitors, regardless of their differing abilities or language needs, to customize the website in a way that works best for them. Recite Me assistive technology includes screen reading functionality, multiple reading aids, customizable styling options, and an on-demand live translation feature that boasts over 100 languages including 35 text-to-speech and styling options.

Client Testimonial

"Our mission is to maximize the potential of our clients. We have specifically designed Clinics with environmental supports to help our clients learn new skills and reduce challenging behaviors safely. Our mission extends beyond our clients to anyone that needs additional support with accessing information about TBH's services. All of us at Trumpet Behavioral Health are proud to support and serve all individuals seeking our services by increasing the accessibility of our website in partnership with Recite Me. "

Josh Sleeper, Chief Operating Officer at Trumpet Behavioral Health