Aviation Australia

The Queensland State Government founded Aviation Australia in 2001 to encourage the expansion and growth of the aviation and aerospace industries in both the Australian and global markets. Aviation Australia is a premier, registered training organisation that is a partner to over 60 airlines, aerospace companies, governments, defence forces and regulatory authorities. Aviation Australia focuses’ on creating courses with a balance of 4 key areas: knowledge, skills, values and experience. These courses are proven to be successful as there are over 1000 graduates working worldwide.

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Our Brief

Aviation Australia’s mission is to provide world-class training & help shape the future of the aviation industry. To provide this training, they need to make it an equal playing field so everyone can access their resources, and course information barrier-free. According to the Australian Institute of Health and Wealthfare, over 4.4 million (1 in 6) people have a disability in Australia alone so, an inclusive solution for their digital platform was needed. That’s why Aviation Australia called upon Recite Me to provide their Web Accessibility Software to their online platform.

Our Solution

Recite Me were able to provide its award-winning accessibility toolbar on the Aviation Australia website so that it could continue championing its dedication to equality and innovation. 

The Recite Me toolbar has given visitors full control of the Aviation Australia website so they can find out the latest information on study courses, studio tours and events that are available.

This can be done by using the reading support tools, as well as by changing the font, colour, and style of the website’s pages and text. Together with 65 text-to-speech voices, the toolbar offers live, on-demand translation into more than 100 languages.

Aviation Australia website with Recite Me technology being used onscreen
Aviation Australia Logo
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Aviation Australia website with Recite Me technology being used onscreen
Aviation Australia Website with Recite Me technology being used onscreen

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