Recite Me assistive technology supports 4.5m people online

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2019 was not only an amazing year for Recite Me but also for the awareness and actions of supporting people online.

Approximately one billion people globally have a disability and they can often face barriers when visiting inaccessible websites that prevent them from taking an active part in life.

Companies from across all industries from around the world, are starting to come together to tackle digital inclusion head-on, with the support of Recite Me assistive technology.

Recite Me’s innovative assistive technology makes websites accessible and inclusive through a unique range of features. This easy-to-use, award-winning software includes text-to-speech functionality, fully customizable styling features, reading aids, and a translation tool with over 100 languages, including 35 text-to-speech voices and many other features.

Discover our 2019 highlights in numbers…

Over 4.5m launches of the Recite Me toolbar – our assistive toolbar was used over 4.5 million times in total to help people access our clients’ web content.

Over 21.5m accessibility toolbar features used – there is a broad range of different accessibility features in our assistive toolbar. They were used more than 21.5 million times this year.

Over 9m website translations – the translation feature on our assistive toolbar was used to help our clients’ web visitors translate web content to a language of their choice over 9 million times.

Nearly 10m pieces of content read aloud in 35 languages – thanks to the screen reader feature (aka text to speech) in our assistive toolbar, nearly 10 million pieces of web content have been read aloud to our clients’ website users.

Over 1.4m styling customizations – the styling options on our assistive toolbar (such as the text and background color contrast tool) have been used over 1.4 million times.

2,600 audio files downloaded – the option on our assistive toolbar to convert content into an MP3 audio file was used over 2500 times to help our clients’ website users. This allows people to access and digest web content in a way that suits them best offline.

Recite Me look forward to partnering with many more companies around the world in 2020 to enable everyone to use the internet in the way that it is intended.

Thousands of organizations already use Recite Me to make their websites more accessible for online visitors. To find out more or to book a demo please contact the team.

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