Why your customers want a mobile ticket solution that works

You’ve just re-launched your transport website. It looks great on desktop. And it runs on mobiles and tablets as smoothly as a Japanese train schedule.

You’re buzzing because your customers can now buy tickets online with great ease. And you know this is crucial to keep your transport company competitive.

Because more people are now buying tickets online than ever before. Whether that is through using apps, or via mobile sites, travellers increasingly want to buy their tickets when it suits them, in a way that suits them.

Is your mobile site accessible?

But often mobile sites and apps aren’t accessible for disabled people. And with the help of Recite Me’s web accessibility software you can ensure that the mobile version of your website is fully accessible for everyone.

Transport companies like Arriva Bus UK already make sure that disabled passengers can access all the information and features on their website by using Recite Me.

Recite Me has a range of features that allow visitors to your website to customise the site in the way they need it to work for them.

This means that customers will be able to buy a ticket from you online, regardless of any disability, impairment, learning difficulty or health condition.

Your customers can use Recite Me to do things such as change font sizes and colours, select a text only version of the site, chose to have text read aloud (including PDFs), and customise the background colour.

And Recite Me is quick and easy to install. As it is cloud based software, we simply need to add a few lines of code to your website. No hassle, no fuss.

Try Recite Me for free on your transport website

Do you want to find out how you can make your transport website more accessible using Recite Me? Book your appointment now for a product demonstration and a free trial on your website.

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