User experience needs to factor into accessibility

Have you thought about the user experience and accessibility of your website? It’s important you understand the needs of your customers and how they use your website.

Our client The Quality of Life Partnership recently ran a user experience focus group to find out how Recite Me works for a variety of different users on their recently re-launched Information NOW website.

Information NOW is an information and advice website for people over 50 in Newcastle that is used by over 21,000 people each month.

It aims to be the first port of call for older residents in Newcastle, their families, friends, and carers, and is the central hub for information, events and activities of interest to older people in Newcastle.

In order to make sure the website is accessible to people of all ages, including people with a disability, learning difficulty, or impairment, the Recite Me assistive widget and toolbar was introduced to the new website.

Recite Me user guides

And on the back of their user experience focus group research, The Quality of Life Partnership has produced a great user guide for audiences, which gives a clear breakdown of how to use Recite Me on the Information NOW website.

We also have our own Recite Me user guide, which helps people to clearly understand exactly how to get the best out of Recite Me. You can download a copy of our user guide by clicking here.

The Recite Me user guide explains the functions of the different icons on the tool bar and details how to use each one in an easy to understand, step by step process.

User feedback is key

After the focus group The Quality of Life Partnership provided us with some excellent user feedback, which we have passed onto our developers for future development work on our software.

We always log user experience feedback and each bit of information goes into a central log which is reviewed by the design and development teams regularly. Fixes and enhancements are then scheduled and rolled out into our cloud based software.

We are constantly developing Recite Me because continuous improvement is paramount for us, and your feedback is vital for this.

Let us know what you think

So please send any feedback or queries you have about Recite Me and how it works to

Or if you want to find out how you can make your website more accessible using Recite Me book an appointment for a product demonstration and your free 30-day trial now. You can also try our website accessibility check to review your websites features and elements to see if they’re up to standard.

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