UK football teams attract fans from around the world: does your club’s website speak their language?

Professional football is now a truly global game.

Top flight teams in the UK recruit their players and coaching staff from across the globe.

And teams also attract sponsors from around the world.

For example, during the 2013-16 Premiership seasons, then-Premiership side Swansea City was sponsored by Goldenway Global Group, which had its logo on the Swansea shirts.

But the language on the logo wasn’t English, it was Cantonese.

The Hong Kong-based international finance company used its sponsorship of a UK team to promote Goldenway to an Asian market, as well as to strengthen the brand’s image globally.

It’s actually mind boggling!

And it shows exactly how globalisation has turned the UK’s football industry into a global market.

Diversity and globalisation

Not only that, football’s fan-base in the UK is diverse, reflecting Britain’s diverse population.

After all, around one in ten people in the UK don’t speak English as their first language.

In areas like London this figure rises to around one in five people.

Many of the teams in the Premiership also have an international fan-base.

That’s why big clubs like Liverpool and Manchester United go on a foreign tour every summer, as they look to target their key international markets.

Whether that’s the US, or Asia, or elsewhere.

Are you talking to me?

But how easy it is to make your football club’s web content accessible to a global audience?

As easy as one, two, three.

We can quickly add our Recite Me custom language and web accessibility toolbar to your football club’s website.

This means fans who visit the website can then opt to have the content instantly translated into over 100 different languages.

Quick, easy, hassle-free. Result.

Recite Me also has other great features that make your website easier to use, like the option to have content read-aloud in over 30 different languages.

A final thought

This year’s Emirates FA Cup Final will have an estimated global TV audience of over HALF A BILLION people.

If your football club reaches the final can you take advantage of the web-traffic from around the world that is likely to visit you website?

100’s of organisations including St Johnstone Football Club use Recite Me to make their websites accessible for people who don’t speak English as their first language…call 0191 4328092 to find out more or book your free demo now. You can also try our website accessibility checker for free.

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