The Value of Dyslexia – The Visualiser

A recent report, The Value of Dyslexia, published by Made by Dyslexia and EY, explores the ways in which dyslexia skills can be valuable additions to our changing world of work. Following on from last week’s profile case study of The Connector, here is our take on the Visualiser.

The Visualiser

A Visualiser’s skills include the “ability to interact with space, sense, physical ideas and new concepts”.

Notable traits of a Visualiser include creativity and “big picture” thinking, including the ability to think outside of the box and develop fresh new ideas. These particular traits will be especially useful in the future of work, as technology continues to grow and the need for unique ideas becomes paramount.

Career Opportunities for Visualisers

IT/Systems Analyst – Ability to solve complex problems and determining how a system will work during changing conditions.

User Experience Designer – Coming up with a user’s specific needs and adapting technology and equipment to suit those needs.

Architect – Visualising intricate designs before putting pen to paper and imagining how structures will change as they are moved or rearranged.

Fashion and/or Interior Designer – The ability to come up with creative and unusual new ideas.

Scientist – Seeing a wider picture and linking to insights through scientific study and logical reasoning.

Doctor – Visualising and imagining complex scenario in one’s head along with manual dexterity, particularly important for diagnosing conditions and performing surgery.

* All information sourced from The Value of Dyslexia report.

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