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The Value of Dyslexia - The Communicator


A recent report, The Value of Dyslexia, published by Made by Dyslexia and EY, explores the ways in which dyslexia skills can be valuable additions to our changing world of work. In these case studies, we give an overview of each skill and practical ideas on how these skills can be important factors within various career industries.

The Communicator

A Communicator’s skills include “crafting and conveying clear and engaging messages”. Communicator’s are known to thrive within skills such as oral and written expression, people management and overall creativity. Additionally, strong skills in active listening and learning also make communicators some of the best assets to any workforce.

Career Opportunities for Communicators

Human Resources - Ability to motivate and identify the best people for a job.

Director or Managerial Role - Ability to effectively delegate and communicate, as well as directing job roles to the most suitable team members.

Therapist or Counsellor - Skilled in active listening and the ability to tell when something is wrong and recognise the problem.

Scientist/Scholar - Ability to visualize projects from the get-go, including how elements will look when parts are moved or arranged.

Marketing/Communications - Communicating effectively that is most suitable for the given audience, conveying information effectively and appealing to the right audience.