The computer says “nein Danke” – how to make your website more international

Events such as the UEFA Champions League final in Cardiff, and the World Championships in Athletics, in London, will bring in a surge of visitors from around the globe to the UK this year.

In total, the UK is forecast to receive 38.1 million visits in 2017 from overseas tourists, an annual increase of four per cent.

These visitors are predicted to have a combined spend of £24.1 billion and take a staggering number of journeys throughout the UK using public transport.

Overseas visitors to the UK take millions of journeys on public transport every day.

For example, there are 138 million train journeys taken by visitors to the UK per month – that’s 3,100 trains per minute, 192,000 per hour and 4.6 million per day!

Whilst National Express sees 1.6 million passenger journeys by visitors to the UK per month (nearly 212,000 per day).

If you are a transport provider this means overseas tourists will be visiting your website, but will they be able to understand your content? Can they find a timetable or buy a ticket in their own language?

If they can’t you’re likely to miss out on much of the 9,000 day trips to see a visitor attraction by visitors to the UK per hour, and the 1.1 million day trips to visit family and friends in the UK per day.

A solution to make your website accessible in over 100 languages

Transport companies like Arriva Bus UK use Recite Me to quickly and easily translate the entire content of their website site into 103 different languages at the click of a button.

Gatwick Airport’s website is another example of how a large brand that welcomes millions of international visitors per year offers a quick and easy translation option via Recite Me’s tool bar.

As well as making websites accessible for people who don’t speak English as a first language, Recite Me’s custom toolbar also offers brands an easy way to make their websites accessible to people with a disability or sight loss.

It has a range of features that allow visitors to customise a website in the way they need it to work for them.

They can use Recite Me to do things such as change font sizes and colours, select a text only version of the site, read text aloud (including PDFs), and customise the background colour.

Try Recite Me for free on your transport website

If you want to find out how you can make your transport website more accessible using Recite Me book an appointment for a product demonstration and your free 30-day trial now.

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