What access and inclusion means for GWR What access and inclusion means for GWR

What access and inclusion means for GWR

Posted on: by Toni Rayner. Operations & Marketing

Great Western Railway (GWR) has recently added web accessibility software Recite Me to its website to make it more accessible to disabled customers and customers who don’t speak English as their first language.

Kevin Jones, ‎Digital Product Manager GWR, explains what access and inclusion means for them.

GWR considers the physical and digital access needs of passengers

“As a company, GWR understands how important access and inclusion is for all of our customers. And while it’s crucial to consider physical accessibility for our customers, it’s also essential to consider digital accessibility.

“Adding Recite Me means our website is now more accessible for the one in five people in the UK (13 million) who have a disability.

“It also means people who don’t speak English as their first language can now translate all the content into over 100 languages at the click of a button.

“Recite Me works through a toolbar that is accessed by clicking on a link at the top of every page on our marketing site that says ‘Accessibility Tools’.

“When customers click on the link the toolbar opens and offers them a variety of options to change the format of the website to a way that works best for them.

Recite Me has a range of options to suit everyone

“Our customers can use Recite Me to do things such as increase or decrease font sizes, change the font colour and background colour contrast, select a text only version of the site, have the text read aloud (including PDFs) and translate into many different languages.

“Thanks to Recite Me, GWR is now confident that we are providing digital access and inclusion to all of our customers.

“We would definitely recommend Recite Me to anyone who wants to make their website more accessible to everyone.”

Try Recite Me for free on your transport website

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