Recite Me: A Disability Confident Committed Employer - Join Us! Recite Me: A Disability Confident Committed Employer - Join Us!

Recite Me: A Disability Confident Committed Employer - Join Us!

Posted on: by Andy Syson

Recite Me has joined the Government’s Disability Confident employer scheme.

Disability Confident is a nationally recognised accreditation scheme that encourages organisations to recruit disabled people for their skills and talent.

Over 5000 organisations have now signed up to the scheme and we thought it was the ideal time for us to join and demonstrate our commitment to equality for disabled people in the workplace.

We had a look at the list of Disability Confident employers and we think we are the first assistive technology company in our area (web accessibility software) to become a Disability Confident employer.

The scheme was created to help employers draw from the widest possible pool of talent because there are more than 13 million disabled people in the UK but nearly 80 per cent of them do not have a job.

This is a much higher proportion of unemployment than non-disabled people and it is known as the disability employment gap.

The UK government aims to get over one million disabled people into work by 2020 in order to halve the gap and the Disability Confident scheme is a key part of its strategy to achieve this.

The scheme has three levels of accreditation to help organisations ensure they are offer the best service to current and future employees: Committed, Employer and Leader.

Recite Me has now achieved level one Committed status after we committed to a set of disability-related actions and one clear commitment that will demonstrate a difference for our business.

We are also a sponsor of the Recruitment Industry Disability initiative (RIDI) and we have donated our Recite Me web accessibility software to RIDI for its website. RIDI’s mission is to create disability confident recruiters and employers to get more disabled people into work.

Our partnership with RIDI has helped us understand the extent of the challenges many disabled people encounter to get a job. And it has helped inspire us to act now to do more to remove the barriers that disabled people face.

Recite Me CEO and Founder Ross Linnett said: “We are proud that Recite Me has joined the 5000 employers signed-up to the Disability Confident scheme.

“I have dyslexia so I understand some of the barriers that exist for disabled people in the workplace.

“And I created Recite Me and Include Me to help other disabled people access websites and digital content in the office, classroom and at home.

“We look forward to progressing through the scheme to change the way we do things to offer more disabled people the opportunities to fulfil their potential with us.”

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