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Recite welcomes Dublin City University

Dublin City University is the latest higher education institution to start working with Recite Me to improve accessibility on their website for students, prospective students and staff. We're delighted about this new working relationship as we passionately believe that all students should have access to the information they need for their education. Thanks to advances in technology there is no real reason that someone's disability or learning difficulty would stop them from using the internet. Our accessibility software allows web visitors to customise the web page how they need to - this could be changing the colour contrast settings or simply changing the font or increasing its size.

Dublin City University said: "As a leading centre of excellence in higher education Dublin City University is committed to providing equality of access to learners with disabilities or learning difficulties and for our students with English as an additional language. All of Dublin City University students and prospective students now benefit from Recite Me's web accessibility software which is available with one click of the accessibility button on our homepage. We are proud that all Dublin City University website visitors can choose their own access settings, whether its their preferred language or a different colour contrast or font size or having the text read out loud. Increasingly our students and prospective students are visiting our website from their smartphones and tablet devices as well on their laptops or PCs, we chose Recite Me because it works seamlessly across all devices."