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Recite Me Continues to Host Free Inclusive Landing Pages During COVID-19

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“When information is vital, it is vital that information is accessible and inclusive for all.”

Did you know that Recite Me is still offering to host a free accessible and inclusive landing page so companies can share their COVID-19 messages with all of their staff and customers?

With the recent regression back into lockdown, we wanted to update you on our accessibility pledge, and remind you that we are still here to support businesses and help organisations and consumers alike to access important information online, barrier-free.

We launched our pledge back in March of 2020 in a bid to ensure that all online information related to COVID-19 is accessible and inclusive for everyone. We believe passionately in barrier-free access and support for all, and especially now that life in the real world is more restrictive again, it has never been more important that everyone has equal access to information online. Back in the beginning, we could never have imagined that these uncertain times would still be haunting us into 2021. But until the vaccines have been rolled out and normality is restored, we are committed to playing our part in helping people.

“The Recite Me pledge provides the opportunity for everyone to share freely in our online world. There is no cost or agenda, just accessibility for all.”

Ross Linnett, Founder and CEO


What is the Recite Me Accessibility Pledge?

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic so far and for the foreseeable future, we are offering to host a free accessible and inclusive landing page for any business where important COVID-19 messages and updates can be accessed. Uncertain times make for uncertain minds, and naturally, many people are worried. This is totally understandable, so it’s paramount that people are kept up to date with the latest pandemic information and how it will impact them and the services they use.

When the landing page is reached, the Recite Me accessibility and language support toolbar automatically launches. The toolbar includes fully customisable styling features, reading aids, and translation tools. Information is available in over 100 languages, including 35 text-to-speech voices.

Who Benefits?

The honest answer to this is everyone. Studies show that around 20% of the population is living with some kind of disability, long-term health condition, or situational impairment that makes accessing online information challenging. The Recite Me assistive toolbar removes online barriers, enabling people with different abilities, visual impairments, cognitive or neurological disorders, learning difficulties, and those who speak English as a second language to thoroughly understand the message being conveyed.

Our toolbar also makes information easier to consume and use for users outside of that 20% too, as being able to customise a webpage and take in the information in a way that is personalised to your preferences is a benefit for everyone.

“For people without disabilities, technology makes things easier. For people with disabilities, technology makes things possible.”

IBM Training Manual


The Story So Far

Since we first launched, our accessibility pledge has helped more than 130 businesses across a range of sectors to share COVID-19 related information and updates. Examples include Virgin Money, Network Rail, Volkswagen, RSPCA, Public Health Wales, and London Luton Airport. Our pledge data trends show that:

  • We’ve supported over 60,000 unique users

  • Our free inclusive landing pages have been viewed over 82,000 times

  • The average time spent on COVID-19 landing pages is 2 minutes.

“Joining the Recite Me pledge has enabled us to communicate our COVID19 message to the widest possible audience. Visitors can customise their viewing experience through a screen reader, styling options, reading aids, and a translation function. This online support allows London Luton Airport’s key messages to be accessed and understood by all, particularly during these difficult and unsettling times.”

Clare Armstrong, Head of Passenger Services at London Luton Airport


Of course, having just one webpage accessible to everyone is not a long term solution, but it’s a good start. The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown online accessibility into the spotlight, and we’ve noticed a considerable increase in the demand for inclusive websites throughout 2020. With over 2,500 websites now using Recite Me inclusive technology, we’ve supported over 2million people on barrier-free online journeys. 

If you think your business needs help to make your online COVID-19 related information accessible and inclusive to all your staff and customers, please contact us now, or visit the Recite Me website to find out more about how our free accessible and inclusive landing pages work and how to create your own.

Additionally, if you want your website to become more accessible, then take the first step and try out our website WCAG Checker.

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