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Northern Housing Association Teams Up With Recite Me

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25% of people living in the North East have a disability and can require additional support when accessing vital housing information via digital technologies.

To ensure everyone’s voices are heard, Karbon Homes has implemented Recite Me assistive technology on their website to support residents who are visually impaired or neurodiverse. The service is also helpful for those who speak English as a second language.

People visiting Karbon Homes’ website can access support tools by selecting “Recite Me” in the footer of the website. Users can fully customise the site to suit their own needs by translating content into different languages, or requesting for content to be read aloud, or adjusting the colour, font, and size of the text.

Di Keller, strategic equality, diversity and inclusion lead at Karbon Homes said

“We’ve been working hard to make sure our online channels are accessible and inclusive for all.

The Recite Me toolbar and analytics help us to better understand what people are doing on our website and how they are accessing our services. This insight is a key part in our learning journey and is fundamental in helping us to plan any future development.”

Karbon Homes builds, manages, and maintains almost 30,000 homes across the North of England, aiming to provide quality housing, deliver excellent customer service and shape strong, sustainable places for its communities.

Recite Me assistive technology is quick and easy to implement on your organisation’s website. For more information please contact a member of our team. You can also check out our accessibility validator for free today.

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