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National Careers Week & The Importance of a Diverse Workplace

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National Careers Week is well underway, and it’s amazing to celebrate the organisations that engage and inspire young people leaving education. This week, we are shining a light on the organisations that are leading the way and empowering young talent. We caught up with Sam Price, EDI Lead at Morson Talent to discuss diverse workplaces for our future generation.

This year, on National Careers Week, there is a focus on careers guidance that helps young people who are leaving education. Why do you think this is a crucial topic to raise awareness of?

True ED&I has a real impact, not just on the lives of people from all walks of life, but in creating stronger cultures and broader empathy in workplaces across the country. At Morson, we are committed to changing perceptions within business, championing women in engineering, and empowering young talent through mentorship. Not only does this open doors for young people that they otherwise may not have considered, but the earlier opportunities are presented to people, the more likely the industry is in achieving truly diverse workplaces in the future.

Why do you think it is important for companies to have an equity, diversity, and inclusion lead?

An ED&I lead can be the catalyst for broad operational delivery, a central point of focus to drive initiatives across the business as an ambassador for change.

What is Morson’s approach to EDI?

We pride ourselves on being an equal opportunities employer that provides an inclusive environment to candidates, employees, and our clients alike. We believe that diversity of thought promotes innovation by bringing multiple perspectives to discussions and decisions. We are committed to improving the diversity of our company and building inclusive cultures every day.

Our partnerships allow us to impact real change, grow as an organisation, and impart knowledge to our internal and external networks. Our partnerships with the Northern Power Women, The Girls’ Network, Inclusively Tech, ReciteMe, and Equal Engineers, ensures that we have access to the latest ED&I thinking to help us support our clients and also help us to achieve our diversity action plan.

We believe the concept of ‘seeing is believing’ is extremely powerful. Our ‘Inclusive Role Models’ campaign showcases inspirational stories from people in industries hardest hit by imbalances. By providing relatable role models to take inspiration from, we hope to break down barriers and encourage a wider talent pool into the industry; whilst also providing a positive platform to inspire career transitioning between sectors.

Why was the Recite Me toolbar a good fit to help people throughout the candidate process?

As a global technical recruiter, we operate in sectors hardest hit by imbalances and we are dedicated to improving diversity within the industries we work. By educating our clients and providing an inclusive candidate journey, we are committed to improving the lives of our contractor base and our own employees.

We work hard to attract talent from untapped pools, and by harnessing the power of ReciteMe on our website, we are ensuring that there are no barriers in place to hold talented people back.

Why do you think it is important that we amplify the noise of accessibility within the workplace on National Careers Week?

National Careers Week provides a focus for careers guidance activity at an important stage in the academic calendar to help support young people leaving education. It’s important for people at this stage of their lives who may have physical or learning difficulties to understand that their career doesn’t have to be defined by it and that there are a lot of options and tools out there to break down the barriers that they might believe exist.

With a unique 50-year heritage, Morson Group has an outstanding reputation for placing talented people into the right roles with exciting organisations across the globe. At Morson, recruitment is more than filling roles; it’s transforming businesses, fuelling industry and innovation, creating fulfilling careers and opening up the world of work for all.

If you are looking for a new opportunity or have talent challenges and simply want to chat about how to solve them, find out more at www.morson.com or get in touch with Sam directly, Sam.Price@morson.com


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