Helping Your Homes Newcastle to Implement an Inclusive Digital Strategy

Your Homes Newcastle is an arms-length management organisation for Newcastle City Council.

It manages 28,000 council homes as well as a further 3,000 leasehold properties bought under the ‘right to buy’ scheme.

A joint digital strategy to make digital comms the natural way to communicate

Your Homes Newcastle has a joint digital strategy with Newcastle City Council.

It sets out the vision for making digital communications the most natural way of communicating with clients and service users.

When it began implementing the joint digital strategy and redeveloping its website, Your Homes Newcastle knew that it needed to address how it communicates with disabled people.

It also needed to address how it communicates with people whose first language isn’t English.

Your Homes Newcastle turned to Recite Me to make its website fully accessible

So it turned to Recite Me for a solution to make its new website accessible for everyone.

The Recite Me custom tool bar was added to the new website, which means anyone who visits the site can quickly and easily adapt it to the way they need it to work for them.

For example, when you visit the homepage there is a box in the top right hand corner, which is easy to see, that says ‘SPEAK OR TRANSLATE Me’.

When you click on the box Recite Me gives you a range of options which are represented by easy to understand icons in a toolbar that appears at the top of each web page.

With the help of Recite Me you can view the website in a way that works for you

Recite Me allows people to change parts of the website such as the font size and font colour, in order to make text easier to read, whilst also offering the option to have the text read aloud.

Recite Me also lets people easily translate the website’s content into over 100 languages.

Your Homes Newcastle felt Recite Me was ideal for them

Paul Neil, Digital Services Project Team, Your Homes Newcastle, said:

“As an organisation, the Recite Me access and language software will help us to deliver our digital vision.

“It will make our online offering easy to use and we are confident that we won’t be excluding any customers from our digital communications.

“Recite Me provides better support to our customers, some of whom chose to do business with us online, whilst some of our customers have literacy issues, and others have a visual impairment.

“We promote a self-serve focus for our customers, so by offering Recite Me, we know that our customers with access and language needs will be better supported.

“It also means that our frontline staff don’t have to help with queries that can be easily answered online, which in turn frees them up to focus on other priorities.

“At the start of this process we looked at some competitor products, including translation/access software.

“But none of them have the full range of features that Recite Me has.

“We also did lots of research within our peer group, asking other housing management organisations what accessibility software they were using, if any.

“Gateshead Council use Recite Me and recommended it to us.

“And having a live demonstration was most the important part in deciding to use Recite Me.

“Seeing is believing!”

Try Recite Me for free on your website now!

To find out more about how Recite Me’s toolbar can make your website accessible to everyone book an appointment now for a product demonstration and free 30-day trial.

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