Dyslexia Scotwest Receives Over 18,000 Recite Me Launches to Help People Read and Understand Online Content

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Dyslexia Scotwest provides an inclusive online experience to support those who face barriers when accessing digital information and services.

Since May 2020, the Recite Me toolbar has received over 18,000 launches on Dyslexia Scotwest’s website, supporting people to read over 27,000 pages of content.

With over 3 decades of experience and knowledge, Dyslexia Scotwest provides help and support to people in the West of Scotland with varying degrees of dyslexia.

Information and support on Dyslexia Scotwest’s website are accessible for all regardless of disabilities, learning difficulties, or language barriers.

Duncan Cumming, Chief Executive Officer at Dyslexia Scotwest, commented

“As a well-established charity that helps and supports anybody with an interest in Dyslexia, we believe that it is vitally important that our website is informative and highly accessible as possible.

“We are therefore delighted that so many of our service users are benefiting from the Recite Me software which is incorporated into our website.”

The assistive technology on Dyslexia Scotwest’s website includes screen reading functionality, multiple reading aids, customisable styling options, and an on-demand live translation feature that boasts over 100 languages including 35 text-to-speech and styling options.

In support of Learning Disability Week, Recite Me is raising awareness and shedding light on the amazing work of organisations like Dyslexia Scotwest. To access the customisable toolbar on Dyslexia Scotwest’s website click ‘web accessibility tools.’ For more information on how you can provide a diverse and inclusive digital world book a demo with a member of our friendly team. Additionally, you can check out the Recite Me accessibility tester for free.

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