Mind the gap: discovering hidden talent through inclusive recruitment

The Disability Employment Gap is the difference in employment rates between people with disabilities and the rest of the working-age population.

Some people may not understand that such a gap exists, but it represents a significant difference in the rates of employment of people with disabilities and those without them.

Recent data from the ONS shows that in 2019 roughly half of the people with disabilities were in employment (53.2%), compared with just over four out of five non-disabled people (81.8%).

Whilst this figure has reduced from 2013 to 2019 the fact that nearly 30% less of people with disabilities are in work, compared to those without disabilities, shows there is still a huge pool of hidden talent for recruiters to tap into.

That’s why it is so important that recruiters make the application process accessible and inclusive for everyone.

If people with disabilities can’t access your website or your online jobs portal to find job adverts, read job descriptions and apply for jobs, how can they apply and express their hidden talents?

Accessible and inclusive recruitment

Recruiters like Morson Group understand this and they are going the extra mile to ensure their recruitment process is accessible and inclusive for everyone.

Rebekah Lee, Head of Marketing at Morson Group commented, “As a recruitment agency, Morson are gatekeepers who can open the doors to the world of work for people with disabilities. Therefore, we have a responsibility to our candidate community to reduce the barriers in place that may hold people back from applying for roles.”

To make their online recruitment process totally inclusive, they have added the Recite Me’s assistive toolbar to their website.

Recite Me offers a suite of accessibility tools, including solutions for visitors who may be neurodivergent, visually impaired or have learning difficulties.

Since Morson Group added Recite Me to its website in March 2019 it has been used by over 7000 people to help them research and apply for a job barrier-free.

Rebekah added, “Recite Me technology ensures every part of our recruitment process is accessible to everyone, from browsing to making an application. By employing Recite Me, we can ensure that every candidate gets an equal chance at developing their career by being able to access the same opportunities to gain and maintain employment.”

In total, nearly 38,000 accessibility features have been used to support an individual’s customise experience (styling, reading and translation), including over 25,000 pieces of content read aloud.

Recite Me also supports people who don’t speak English as their first language, and it has been used on the Morson Group website to translate almost 9000 pieces of content into over 100 languages.

Providing assistive technology creates a level playing field to enable everyone the opportunity to discover and apply for their dream job barrier-free.

1000’s of organisations already use Recite Me to make their websites more accessible for people with disabilities. To find out more or to book a demo please contact the team now.

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