Cura Enhance Accessibility to Insurance

Cura, insurance experts enhance their website with Recite Me accessibility software to provide a barrier-free experience to obtain good value protection insurance.

Cura specialises in helping people with medical conditions, high-risk occupations, hazardous travel, and sports, to get good value insurance. Cura’s work has seen many people that have been declined insurance elsewhere, to have the vital protection that they and their family need.

At the start of this year, Cura began consultations with organisations about how they could develop some best practices for the whole insurance industry to address accessibility barriers. Across the UK over 14 million people have some form for disability who can encounter challenges online.

To address this Cura now offer accessibility and language support on their website enable everyone to navigate, perceive and understand the content easily. The Recite Me assistive technology toolbar enables people to customise their online experience to suit their individual needs.

The toolbar provides many accessibility and language options including text to speech functionality, fully customisable styling features, reading aids and a translation tool with over 100 languages, including 35 text to speech voices and many other features.

Kathryn explains “We believe that this is an essential area of inclusivity that needs to be given clear focus. For us, an easy and essential way for us to improve Cura’s services has been adding Recite Me to our website in June of this year. This language and accessibility bar enables users to have documents read aloud to them, to download text as an MP3 file, apply the best accessible fonts, colours, sizes, to translate into over 100 different language and has a fully integrated dictionary and thesaurus.”

Ross Linnett, Founder & CEO of Recite Me commented, “It is great to see Cura paving the way to improving web accessibility within the insurance sector. Being able to support everyone online to read and understand important information is crucial to providing great customer service to people who need it the most.”

If you’re interested in increasing your websites accessibility, then be sure to use our WCAG accessibility checker.

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