British Gas Energy Trust Launch Inclusive Website

The grant-giving charitable Trust, British Gas Energy Trust has launched its new inclusive website, with the support of their new grant management service provider, Auriga Services Ltd, a Recite Me, partner.

Recite Me Founder and CEO Ross Linnett said: “Vulnerable customers need to be supported online. Partnering up with British Gas Energy Trust is another amazing step forward to providing accessibility and language support to people who need it the most.”

The new trust website provides support information, online application forms and signposting to third party services. In order to help better support people in vulnerable circumstances and people who may have disabilities, learning difficulties, visual impairments or people who speak English as a second language, the British Gas Energy Trust website now provides full accessibility and language support utilising Recite Me.

Jessica Taplin, CEO of British Gas Energy Trust said “British Gas Energy Trust helps people in financial need, and accessibility is essential – especially for those who don’t speak English as their first language. The Trust is delighted that with the support of Recite Me, the British Gas Energy Trust now provides barrier-free access to our online application forms.

“Enabling people with a range of accessibility issues, including visual impairments, dyslexia, colour blindness and other forms of neurodiversity, as well as those who need to use alternative languages to apply.”

Mark Abrams, Chief Executive at Auriga Services Ltd said, “We make sure the services we deliver for clients are as inclusive as possible so that no users are excluded. This is where Recite Me has become so valuable. “

Auriga Services Ltd was appointed British Gas Energy Trusts new Grants Management Service Provider in April 2020 after a robust and competitive tender process.

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