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APSCo & Recite Me Create Strategic Partnership to Support the Recruitment Sector to Become Inclusive Online

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Recite Me has joined forces with APSCo to educate and advise its members on creating an inclusive candidate journey online.

This partnership will provide many recruitment organisations with the information, ideas, and support they need to create an inclusive experience online enabling all candidates to have equal access to job opportunities.

APSCo leads the way as the only membership body dedicated to representing excellence in the professional recruitment industry.

To drive APSCo’s mission to represent excellence in the recruitment industry it is vital that the digital world is accessible to all when applying and searching for job vacancies.

14.1 million people in the UK have a disability and often encounter obstacles online when applying for jobs. By providing accessibility and language support employers can remove barriers for those with disabilities, visual impairments, learning difficulties and for those who speak English as a second language.

Sam Hurley, APSCo Operations Director commented, “APSCo believes that the services of recruitment firms should be accessible to everyone. We want our members to be able to access broader talent pools and be in a stronger position to support candidates and clients. We feel that Recite Me has the progressive technology and expertise that will enable our members to take positive action when driving inclusion throughout their recruitment practices. We look forward to joining forces with the team at Recite Me as we continue to push the diversity and inclusion agenda out to the recruitment sector.”

With only 51% of applications from disabled people resulting in an interview, assistive technology offers support to website users to enable them to understand information, making it easier to apply for jobs online.

Website users can use features such as translating content into different languages, reading aloud and styling assistance. This includes adjustments to colour, font type and size.

APSCo web users can customise their experience online with the Recite Me toolbar to suit their needs. They can also access Recite Me resources to help create an inclusive experience, attracting a wider talent pool for career opportunities.

To find out more about the Recite Me toolbar and how it can help create an inclusive candidate journey online please contact the team or book a demo and make sure to quote our 10% discount code of APSCoReciteMe21
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