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A Roundtable Discussion on Diversity and Inclusion

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International Day of People with Disabilities was an opportunity for Recite Me CEO Ross Linnett to take stock and think back on the crazy year we have been through and reflect with close business partners on how this has affected people with disabilities and neurodiverse conditions.

This round table discussion brought together Prof Amanda Kirby, CEO of DO IT Solutions, Caroline Turner, CEO of Creased Puddle and Susan Sanford, CEO of Sue Sanford Specialist Coach.

This open discussion goes in-depth about if there has been a shift in the understanding of neurodiverse conditions throughout the pandemic? Have individuals and companies been able to adapt psychically and mentally to understand that the world we live in is different and everyone will work in different ways?

The team shares some great advice on how people can work from home effectively by trying a number of useful tips. They also share real-life feedback and how businesses can change their outlook to help staff.

In concluding the conversation the question is asked of the team if businesses can learn from the pandemic and put diversity and inclusion at the forefront of their strategic plans for 2021?

A big thank you to Amanda Kirby, Caroline Turner and Susan Sanford for joining Ross Linnett for International day of people with disabilities.

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