A Law Firm for Everyone: Welcoming Lindsays to Recite Me

Recite Me recently welcomed law firm Lindsays as our latest client. Lindsays is a 202-year-old legal practice providing a full range of services including family law, executries and Wills, commercial disputes, corporate deals and employment information and advice. Essentially, whatever an individual may come across at different stages in life, Lindsays can provide the appropriate legal support.

Yet, undoubtedly, this support is likely to differ, not only for people who experience difficulty reading information due to dyslexia, learning difficulties or visual perceptual disorders but also for clients as they become older.

“Many people now tend to search online for queries they have making it important that everyone can easily access the information they need,” said Karen Slaughter, Marketing Communications Manager at Lindsays.

Given that a large majority of legal services are often of a sensitive or personal nature, or are sought when facing a difficult issue, either business or family related, it’s important for clients to feel that a law firm is approachable and accessible. That’s where Recite Me came in to partner with Lindsays, providing our accessibility toolbar to Lindsays’ website. The software has already proven to be an easy solution to address a multitude of accessibility needs. As Karen explains, “We weren’t aware that something so easy to use and as flexible as this was available,” adding, “We saw the advantages of it immediately, and there didn’t seem a need to go anywhere else.”

Lindsays was keen to look at improving accessibility in this rapidly expanding information age. Karen details, “I think the fact that websites are often the first experience that people have with companies, it’s become increasingly important to focus on not just an eye-catching website, but one that allows them to find information in a way that’s easy for them.” Certainly, accessing the right information as quickly and easily as possible can differ for many, whether it’s through dyslexia, vision loss, or more complex disabilities.

The population may be varied, but with Lindsays and Recite Me at the helm, we can all rest assured that our different needs will be taken care of for decades to come.

To find out more about Lindsays, visit www.lindsays.co.uk

To learn more about Recite Me, including how to book a free demo, visit www.reciteme.com/book-a-demo

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