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Digital Inclusion for Corporate Companies

Your website is your single most important communications and marketing tool and it’s vitally important that it works hard for you. Whether you are a business-to-business or a business-to-consumer organisation, your website needs to be accessible to all your customers, employees and your talent pool. There is strong business case for web accessibility but as few as 14% of websites are actually accessible and a study of FTSE 100 company websites revealed that only around 75% are accessible.

Our Cloud based web accessibility software enhances the user experience for 15-20% of your customers with dyslexia. Our solution also makes your website more accessible for people with visual or cognitive impairments and as well as people with English as a second language. Recite can open your doors to anyone who needs to access your web content via our text to speech functionality, dyslexia software or by using one of our many other features such the DocReader, an online MP3 creator or our 100+ language translation tool. 

Do you really know your customers?

Do You Really Know Your Customers?

The one thing all your customers have in common is that they are all different, each and every one. Customer behaviour is shaped by a variety of different factors from geographical location, employment status to gender. People are also likely interact with your website in a variety of ways; many people need to customise the layout of your web pages to a way that works for them. 

Most businesses invest a lot of time and money into understanding consumer behaviours. If you are keen to reach the widest possible audience you also need to consider removing some of the barriers in your website like text that isn’t properly structured or labelled or style sheets that don’t allow users to customise their preferred visual settings. These barriers and many others are preventing your customers from buying from you, whatever their web access and user preferences are.

Recite works across all devices, our Cloud based software offers your business a multi-channel, multi-platform web accessibility solution at an affordable price.

Why Your Business Needs Recite

  • Customer loyalty and repeat business usually increases if a website is accessible; the spending power of disabled consumers in the UK is around £80 bn.
  • Recite works across all devices, so whether your customers are at home, at work or on the go, they can always access your website content.
  • Our integrated analytics function helps you to demonstrate return on investment (ROI).
  • Web accessibility is a legal requirement in many markets, we can help you meet your legal obligations.

How We Can Help Your Business

Our team of developers and advisers are there to help improve your organisation’s website accessibility. Based in the Cloud, Recite is quick and easy to implement and works across all devices.

Our web accessibility software solution transforms the accessibility of your website by adding one line of code to your website. Recite offers you a full range of dyslexia software, text to speech functionality, translation into over 100 languages, a document reader, an audio MP3 creator and much more in one cost-effective solution.

The implementation of our solution is simple, fast and effective. Visitors to your website then have a full-range of customisable options available to them at one click of the Recite Me button. With our integrated statistics tool we can tell you how many of your web visitors have used Recite and what pages they have visited, giving you the management information you need to demonstrate ROI.   

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"With the introduction of  smart ticketing, online sales, online journey planning and live travel updates, our website is now much more than simply a static source of information. In particular, the availability of online discounts for some products make it important that everyone can use the site. By adding Recite, we are giving visually-impaired and dyslexic users the tools they need to enjoy all the benefits that the website can offer."

Stephen King, Marketing & Sales Manager, Go North East