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Founded in 1990, Peoplebank Australia is a digital recruitment company, specialising in contract and permanent recruitment, working across Australia, Singapore, and Hong Kong. After 32 years of business, Peoplebank is now Asia Pacific’s leading IT & digital recruitment company.

With years of experience, Peoplebank’s consultants are specialists in IT and digital recruitment - they possess in-depth knowledge of the behavioral and technical skills required to fill each role.

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Our Brief

Peoplebank has a diverse range of individuals that they support worldwide. Promoting diversity is at PeopleBank’s core which means catering for all individual needs.

Statistics reveal that approximately 4 million Australians, or around 18% of the population have a disability that may affect an individual's ability to use digital technology to apply and search for job opportunities. With over 200 members of staff, 160 in Australia and 40 in Asia, it is vital that the lines of communication between staff and clients is open.

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Our Solution

To provide their services to people living with a disability, Peoplebank has implemented Recite Me accessibility support on their website. From providing access to those with learning difficulties, visual impairments, cognitive or neurological disorders, to those who speak English as a second language the Peoplebank website now has an accessibility solution.

The assistive technology on the Peoplebank website enables website users to customise their digital experience in a way that works best for them. Toolbar features include screen reading functionality, multiple reading aids, customisable styling options, and a live translation feature that translates into over 100 languages.

Client Testimonial

"The launch of the Recite Me toolbar will provide our candidates and clients with a more inclusive experience. We want to make the Peoplebank website easily accessible to ensure all qualified candidates can take equal opportunity of our jobs advertised. "

Brent Leahy, Executive General Manager, Peoplebank