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National Disability Rights Network

Client Case Study

National Disability Rights Network

The National Disability Rights Network was founded in 1982 and has grown to be the nation’s largest non-governmental enforcer of disability rights.

NDRN’s mission is to promote the integrity and capacity of the P&A and CAP national network and to advocate for the enactment and vigorous enforcement of laws protecting civil and human rights of people with disabilities. NDRN has a vision of a society where people with disabilities have equality of opportunity and are able to participate fully in community life by exercising choice and self-determination.

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Our Brief

To be inclusive and accessible online the National Disability Rights Network needed to make sure that their website could support visitors to view their content barrier-free. To continue to evolve and improve its website they needed a product to allow people to customise their site in a way that works for them.

Recite Me toolbar solution. Audio, styling, reading, translation icons.

Our Solution

To support all visitors to the National Disability Rights Network website, Recite Me accessibility assistive technology was implemented. This award-winning accessibility software allows everyone to customise their website content to suit needs.

By providing 4 key groups of supporting features; screen reader, styling options, reading support and translation, website visitors will be able to find key resources and stay up to date with news very easily.

Working seamlessly across all devices, this assistive toolbar gives everyone the opportunity to use the National Disability Rights Network website hassle-free.

Client Testimonial

"NDRN believes the Recite tool is critical because we know that people do not always have access to assistive technology like screen readers, or are able to modify the accessibility settings for the device they’re using to explore our website. Recite offers a different way for people with a variety of access needs to interact with our content. As NDRN continues to evolve and improve upon its website, we feel that the Recite toolbar is in alignment with the direction of our mission to address the access needs of our website visitors. The Recite toolbar compliments the goal and commitment NDRN has to ensure that all of our website resources are accessible to our website visitors "

Tina Pinedo, Communication and Digital Specialist at the National Disability Rights Network